Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Bug Free Mind Review

Today I am going to review the 'A Bug Free Mind' books by Andy Shaw.

It is a set of 2 books - Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free Mind.

The first book is used to clear your mind of the 'bugs' we pick up as we go through life.  I found this book very enlightening and when reading it some of the things we pick up on the way are very obvious.  As with all things worthwhile, clearing the bugs does not come easy and it takes a lot of practice and constant reading to achieve your goal of clearing your bugs.  Is it worth the effort?  I think so - anything worth doing is worth doing well....

The second book is used to achieve your life goals and success.  It guides you in the way you think and interact with the 'universe' to achieve your goals.

Both of these books are written to be read.  And read again and again.  They will be your constant companions on your journey through the life you will learn to design.

Having read these books I find myself referring to them constantly and would recommend you take a closer look.

To take a closer look at this wonderful book series follow this link

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